23 March, 2009

New blog

Hey, so I have my own website now, and I am in the middle of writing a blog for it. Comments are nonexistent right now, but it isn't like that matters, as nobody comments here anyway. I'll set up comments eventually. Anyway yeah:


From now on I will be posting there. It is made by me, for me, and allows me to do a lot of cool stuff that blogger won't, so I am switching. Goodbye!

04 March, 2009


I just interviewed to intern at Zattoo, and the job sounds pretty sweet.  I usually just do stuff on the web, but this job would have me maintaining actual software.  I've wanted to get in on the software scene for a long time.

Apparently I would be helping to streamline the process of updating software, which is pretty hard to do when you constantly have people using the program.  It sounds like a totally stressful (but you know, in a good challenging way, not a bad headachy way) and fun.  It'd be really good for me, I'm sure.

I feel like it used to be that there was hardware and software, but now software is kind of in the middle with web applications taking its place (or further abstracting it).  I wonder what will come next?

Oh and also this internship works out I probably have to go to Zurich, which would be just sick as hell.  I haven't been off this continent since 2002, and I could use an opportunity to practice my French chops.

20 February, 2009

Party album

Someone needs to make a party album with drunk people in mind.  It is a well-accepted fact that drunk people have awful music taste, basically enjoying any exciting sounds (e.g. yelling, whooping, drums).

Problem is, you can't enjoy your favorite drunk music while sober because it sucks, and you can't enjoy your favorite sober music while drunk because it is too refined and not exciting enough.  The solution is an album that starts with good music, and progresses slowly into being good drunk music.  That way, you are constantly enjoying the music as you destroy your own brain.

17 February, 2009

Okay I have had enough of this people

You are not racist.  Okay?  Why does everybody feel the need to throw around the word racist, like it is some kind of badge of humility?  People!

Ronald Reagan was racist.  My uncle’s girlfriend is racist.  You are not.  Racism is a very specific word with a very specific definition, and unless you actually believe that your race (or anybody’s race) is superior (or inferior) to other races, you are not racist.  Okay?

Do you judge people you don’t know based on race?  How about gender?  Clothing?  Weight?  Height?  Hairstyle?  Come on people, we judge each other for all kinds of stupid reasons, and race is definitely one of them.  All it means is that you are unfair and maybe judgemental, and those are things you can work on and second-guess.

But it doesn’t make you a racist!  Goddamn!

14 February, 2009

11 February, 2009

My first career fair ever was today

One of the guys I talked to seemed really impressed that my resume was two pages instead of just one.  “Wow! A two-pager!” he said.

09 February, 2009


There are so many gay people who love each other, and can't get married.  How can I get married, knowing that?  How can I participate in such a system?  Well, I won’t.  I am not going to get married until gay marriage is legal across the US.

It’s only fair, you know?