05 December, 2006


I got this thing advertising "inCircle," which is UM's imitation of facebook for UM only. I was going to not do it, but then I realised that the more people do it, the more I won't have to use facebook. After all, facebook is a pretty good idea, except that it got ridiculous. I feel like the University of Michigan Alumni Association is not going to pump out a bunch of retarded updates, and it will probably look exactly the same as it does now in 5 years.

So I got on it. I hope other people get on it that can. As an incentive, I put up an old facebook picture that has both me with a fro and me without a fro. You do not want to miss seeing this picture. If you threw out the ad you got in the mail, it's at umalumni.com/incircle.

Anyway, I am going to have a picture taken of myself that is really awesome, and it will not go up on facebook, and will be only viewable on inCircle. That will be the next incentive to get on inCircle. Come on fellow students you know you want to get on inCircle.

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